Double Beds

Smaller than queen-size beds but larger than twin-sized beds, double beds are ideal for adolescents as a "teenage years bed" and for adults who are short on space in tight living quarters. Also known as "full beds," double beds are on average about 53 inches, width-wise. This is only about 15 inches longer than the twin-sized bed. Both the twin and the double-sized bed are 75 inches long on average; consumers should be aware that they're not getting additional length if they're upgrading from twin to double. Two adults can share the bed if necessary, but be aware that space will be limited and taller adults may be uncomfortable. However, some couples enjoy the cozy atmosphere that the double bed provides.
When looking for a double-size bed, a consumer's options are not limited. Virtually any design of bed can be made to fit a double-sized mattress. Canopy beds, futon beds, platform beds, and sleigh beds are a few popular options. Consumers who are interested in the double-sized bed due to living space constraints may want to invest in a platform bed with built-in storage drawers underneath. In lieu of built-in storage, consumers with small amounts of space may opt for a raised bed so that they can slide storage containers underneath in the empty space.

Childrens Beds

When it comes to your child, you want only the best for them. You watch what you feed them, how you dress them, and above all, how you care for them. How you take care of your child or how you treat your child says a lot about you. Now when it comes down to choosing the right bed for your children, you want a bed that is design for the safety of your child. Some of the most popular childrens beds include bunk beds and toddler beds.

No one wants to put their child in a bed that is not fit to provide some type of protection. You main reason to shop for childrens beds is because of the safety that they provide. If there is no sense of comfort or protection, then you will need to look a step father to gain that sense of peace knowing that your child is protected. There are some beds that provides a little extra form of protection such as some rails or bars to make sure the child does not fall or roll out of the bed. No matter how old your child may look to be, making sure you get a child bed that will protect. This will show your love in more ways than one.

Single Divan Beds

Single divan beds were used a lot in ancient Persian culture. They are a critical part of how the culture decorated its homes. You can now get these beds for your home, and they look really good. There are a lot of manufacturers of modern-day divan beds that really look significant and somewhat like the old ones from that culture. You can even get exact replicas on foreign furniture websites. There are a lot of importers that specialize in bringing these in from Morocco and Iran. There are a ton of great uses for single divan beds too. You can sit on them when you're watching a movie. You can play a game on one as if it was a coffee table with both you and a buddy sitting on it. You can have a look at your homework when you're watching television. It is somewhat of a hybrid between a bed and a couch so it is a great thing to sit on while you're doing any particular activity. It is not so limited to just sleep or rest. It is more of a combination-bed that works well in any situation. There are a lot of particular uses for a divan bed that many modern beds don't have currently at the moment right now.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds offer a person versatility and space in their home. They are sofas that can be converted to beds by removing the top cushions and unfolding the seat. They can also be referred to as sleep sofas or sleepers. Sleep sofas are ideal to have if a person does not have a guest bedroom when having friends and family staying over. They come in a variety of sizes such as twin size, full size, and queen size. Sleepers also come in various brands, colors, and materials that a person can choose from including leather, velvet, and fabric. Different sleepers also come with different mattress thickness levels. They are sure to compliment the rooms decor and can offer a traditional, contemporary, or even modern look. Designer sofa beds are also available that come with memory foam and sleek modern designs. Some sofa sleepers come with a hard wood frame which makes it strong and durable. They can be made from materials such as hardwood, plywood, green wood, and metal. Sleep sofas are designed to save space in small rooms or areas. They also save a person money because a person only has to purchase one product instead of two products. Sleep sofas come in different price ranges that are designed to match any persons budget.

Wooden Beds

Wooden beds are great because they have that classy, elegant feel that is hard to replicate with today's modern beds. They are not chic, contemporary, and new. They are great because they look so old-world, and they have that distinctive feel. Wooden beds come in all shapes and sizes, like sleigh beds and platform beds. You can even get beds that have shelves underneath them so you can pull them out and get your stuff. These beds look best in a home where there are a lot of Persian rugs or other, classy, old-world furniture that can really make a difference in how your abode feels. You really want to combine all the old, antique elements and make it seem more traditional, classy, and interesting. There are a lot of cool ways you can use these kind of beds to make your home seem more like a quaint, unique place. Some people contend that the wooden look is too old and weird-looking, but it is actually a look that never goes out of style. Plus, you can get any size or shape of frame in wood because it is the most common material used. There are a lot of great ways to use wood to enhance your look, and it goes great in most homes.

Futon Beds

Futon beds are an easy way to have extra seating in your living areas, while also having additional sleeping accomodations. Futon beds are typically configured as seating much of the time and can be used in your living room, bedroom, playroom or office. When guests need to stay overnight unexpectedly or even regularly, futons make it easy to provide them with a comfortable bed for the night.

Convenience and versatility are some of the benefits of futons but they also have a style that is easy to change to fit your decor. If you have a futon in your office, you can choose a cover that is more neutral and durable. At home, you can choose futon covers that compliment the decor of your room. Kids love covering their own futons with brightly colored covers that are spill-resistant.

If you're short on living space, a futon can also be used as your primary bed. Instead of sitting in the middle of your living room, taking up valuable space, a futon can be folded into a seat when not in use as a bed. This allows you to entertain without having to make large scale changes to your existing floorplan. In addition, you can always add a futon to a party, for additional seating for guests.